Modern Nordic Dining Chairs

Modern Nordic Dining Chairs


The Modern Nordic Dining Chairs. Currently, a very popular chair is featured in many interior magazines. That is not without reason. These chairs are known for their trendy design and excellent quality. These are some of the features of these beautiful chairs:

  • High Quality
  • Great Workmanship
  • Easy to Install
  • For Business And Private Usage
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Beech legs Φ25mm, PP

Metal surface treatment: baking varnish

Size: 46*50*83cm

4-pack size: 54*45*47cm

Gross weight: 16.4kg

Beech: a national second-class protected plant, with high density, impact resistance, clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth tone. In ranking of all wood hardness, it belongs to the upper-middle level.

Polypropylene: non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless milky white highly crystalline polymer with good surface gloss, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

  1. The beech wood legs and clean colors, as well as the fashionable and elegant Nordic style, brings relaxation and modernity to your home;
  2. Dining chairs, lounge chairs, coffee chairs, and other uses;
  3. The solid wedge-shaped solid beech legs are more supportive than chairs; the thickened seat is thick and imitation leather, which is easy to maintain and clean, and is more comfortable to sit on;
  4. Stable manufacturing, high quality, easy installation;
  5. There are sponge cushions on the feet, which are stable without scratches, and the chairs and wooden floors;
  6. Easy to clean, wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth if it is dirty;
  7. Assembly: Follow the step-by-step instructions. Including screws and tools.

Package Included:

4X Modern Nordic Dining Chair

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  1. Lynn Chambers

    Great phone service. Easy order and checkout. Good delivery time. Would definitely order from them again.. Great company for home decor!

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